My daughter started suffering about 3 years ago with extreme heel pain. We took her to our doctor, sports clinic and finally Children's Hospital. We where told that she had Plantar Fasciitis and that there wasn't much we could do for our then 9 year old. She couldn't continue dancing, running or just walking as it was causing flare-ups. She was in constant pain, at times she could barely walk. We didn't want to put her through surgery and hoped to control her flare-ups as best as we could. Then I met Dr. Rob and Dr. Y.Y. through a running group. One week they were the guest speakers and offered an info evening at their office, I took my daughter. Dr. Rob and Dr. Y.Y. assessed my daughter and felt that they could offer her relief and healing. We started her sessions shortly after as we had a flare-up that had her in extreme pain again. Even after her first session she was able to put a little weight on her tippy toes. We went 3 times a week and by the end of the first week she was able to put her foot flat on the ground and apply a little weight. We did 10 sessions and had her fitted with orthotics. After 3 years of suffering my 12 year old is once again dancing, running and able to be active, without surgery. This was a positive experience for her as she felt comfortable and prepared for each procedure, it's all good now!

Thank you Dr. Rob and Dr. Y.Y. for your compassion and as always concern for her.

Thanks again,
Grete-Melissa P., B.C.