In 1984 I injured my left elbow in an industrial accident and developed arthritis in it.I also had scar tissue and tissue damage.Over the last eight to ten years the pain grew steadily worse until I was no longer able to work I had severe joint pain, pinching, spasms and shaking with any movement of my left arm… I spent the last year plus looking for a solution for the pain that now kept me awake all night most nights.Then I saw an ad in the local paper that said STOP PAIN WITH LASER THERAPY.I was at the point I was willing to try anything so I called LaserHealth® Solutions and made an appointment and I still smile every time I think of that day.After just a couple of treatments I noticed a reduction in the pain levels and also an increase in motion of my left arm.After ten treatments I was almost pain free and had good movement without pinching spasms or shaking.Thank you LaserHealth® for giving me my life back.

James F.