I have had a chronic sore knee since July which I thought was from moving and cleaning our house. We were away travelling and I would get very sore and stiff when I would get out of the vehicle. We moved into our new home in December and it continued to be very sore on standing and walking but I once again thought it was from all the moving, cleaning and strain.

I went to my doctor who ordered an x-ray which showed minimal osteoarthritis so then I was sent for an ultrasound to check for a Baker's cyst. This was negative. They were booking me for an MRI. Then I called Suzanne, who is friendly and caring, as to my previous experience in the office with my mom (for a torn rotator cuff and hamstring problems which both healed well).

Suzanne booked me to come in the next day. Blaine did an assessment and no was more surprised than me when he said my knee was sore because I had asymmetry in my pelvis. I had a treatment that got the blood flow going to those tight muscles and laser treatment on my knee. I felt better walking out of the office that first day. I had 2 more treatments and tomorrow we are leaving for a month at the beach and I know without LaserHealth® it would have been a much different holiday. Thank you to a wonderful team!

Bonnie B.