In January 25 I suffered from extreme foot pain in both feet. I went to the doctor and he told me that I had plantar fasciitis. He gave me a prescription for orthotics and got them for about $35.. With ibuprofen and use of the orthotic the pain went away. In December 25 it came back worse than ever, I could no longer be on my feet for more than an hour and a half without needing to sit down and ice my feet if I could. I saw the LaserHealth® Solutions article in the newspaper, and knew it was something that I had to try. On the day of the consultation I expected to go home and wait for the appointment day to come, but they got me in the same day and started the series of custom designed treatments. The staff was very friendly and asked how the last treatment went to see if anything needed to be changed. The Laser Therapy was only part of the treatment, the specialized staff also do manual therapy and massage therapy. The total therapy took only 10 treatments. When I was done there was no more pain. It has been 12 weeks since the completion of my treatments and to this day I have not worn my orthotics and have been pain free. My thanks go out to the staff of LaserHealth® Solutions for bringing my active life back.

Bill G.