“About 5 years ago I suffered a repetitive strain injury at work.I was lifting paper (180 pounds at a time) and twisting my back feeding a printing press.I was under Chiropractic care and found that it helped for a short time.Six months later I found my lower back in a lot of discomfort so I started to take medication for the pain.It was around a year later that I re-injured it once more.Again the Chiropractor looked after the problem, but this time with less success.My recovery time was starting to take longer and I needed help putting on my socks and shoes.

With the pain persisting, my family doctor eventually sent me for a CT scan which found mild osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease in L4/L5/S1.The pain was so persistent that I would clean out a bottle of Tylenol 3 (60/bottle) within two weeks. It was like someone was stabbing me with a knife and I was living like this for months.The stress of coping with continuous pain was seriously affecting my job and home life.The doctors I saw were not able to explain why I was in so much pain.The only explanation that was offered to me was that ‘it was all in my mind‘.With my continuous complaining, my family doctor referred me to LaserHealth® Solutions and luckily got in that same day!

After my very first visit I felt immediate relief.I had a lot less throbbing in my low back and the general pain was more manageable.They were also able to explaine why I was in so much pain.That was a big relief in itself.The stretching and the laser has worked really well for me.I have had9 treatments now and I feel terrific.I feel like an energetic 43 year old again, instead ofa 43 year old looking like a 100 year old.The day I started my laser Treatments I purchased a large bottle of Tylenol 3‘s.Three weeks later I have only used 2 pills.I love feeling human once again!Thanks to the staff and the treatment.”