My problem started with a neck injury years ago and has been slowly getting worse to the point where my right shoulder and arm ached and my two smaller fingers were tingling (like when you wake up and have been sleeping on them). Constant headaches in the back of my head also plagued me.
When I heard about LaserHealth® Solutions, I contacted them with a hope of getting relief, as my x-rays showed a deteriorating C-5 disc and the risky operation could leave me paralyzed.

Although Blaine indicated it would take several treatments to help me, after the first treatment I felt the tension in my neck subside to the point where my headache had reduced to a tolerable level. I was able to reduce taking pain killers down to taking none at all.

When I started these treatments, I was only able to turn my head (think of a clock) from the 11: - 1: o'clock position with a great deal of effort and pain. As the treatments progressed, I gained mobility to turn my head from the 3: - 9: o'clock position with no discomfort and pain.

Blaine had recommended chiropractic help with Dr. Shuster and I found her helpful as she took the time to help. I had gone to chiropractors previously but my neck was so sore that I was unable to allow the adjustment. Massage therapy had given me some relief, but was only temporary.

I would sincerely like to thank Blaine and Suzanne. I found them very helpful. They make you feel very comfortable and relaxed during your visit!

Clark H.