Janice W.
Janice W.

“I have had rheumatoid arthritis for many years, but it has been under control thanks to a series of different medications over the years. However, when my back suddenly went into spasm this past September, I was taken to emergency by ambulance and given morphine for the excruciating pain. My family doctor thought it was just muscular and refused my plea to book an MRI, but when there was no improvement, I finally convinced him to order a basic back x-ray. He was as surprised as I was with the diagnosis of severe degeneration in my lower spine (spondylosis, osteoarthritis). I was in constant, severe pain that medications were not controlling, and I could barely move, even with

assistance. My life revolved around the timing of the next painkiller, and I was terrified at the prospect of living in that much pain in my life.

My cousin in Steinbach, Manitoba e-mailed me about the tremendous success that someone she knew was having with low intensity Laser Therapy. She gave me three different phone numbers in the Vancouver area, and one of them was for Dr. Rob Skleryk in Surrey. In spite of my skepticism, I knew I didn't want to live in constant pain, so I immediately arranged an appointment and began treatment. Results were evident within the first three treatments. There was a marked decrease in pain and an increase in mobility. I was able to benefit more and more from the physiotherapy to strengthen my core muscles and was able to attend swimming exercise classes five mornings a week. Very gentle chiropractic adjustment was finally tolerable. As the LILT treatments and the other strategies continued, I was able to eliminate my daytime pain medication, and eventually the overnight time release pain medication as well. After about three months of LILT, I am able to do most of the activities that I could before the September crisis. I really think that the Laser Therapy jump started my healing and is the main reason for my successful recovery. Although my condition is permanent and has the potential to get worse, I am no longer scared and discouraged. I know that Laser Therapy will be an important part of my life from now on. I have hope for the future and I feel like I have my life back again. Thank You!”

Janice W.