My name is Doris and LaserHealth® successfully treated my plantar fasciitis. Without laser treatments, It took three years to resolve the plantar fasciitis in my right foot and when I received the same diagnosis for my left foot, I was determined not to go through another 3 years of heel pain! My chiropractor suggested I give LaserHealth® a try. Since nothing else was working, I made the call. The treatments are conducted very efficiently and it is a pleasure to be greeted every day with big smiles and lots of encouragement and support. When I finished my 14 treatments - I was DONE! I have stretches that take 5 minutes 3 times a day and as long as I do those stretches, I have no more heel pain. Even if I forget my stretches for a day, the heel pain is minimal and resolves the next day when I remember to do my stretches again. Months after my treatments have been completed, I can feel that the residual heel pain is less every day and this time it will be months, not years, before it is completely resolved. I can once again go for those long walks that I love so much - without the cane!

Thank you Blaine, Janet, and Suzanne!