Recently, Global News ran a story about Plantar Fasciitis. One of our clients felt that she should write Global and inform them about the success that she enjoyed in our clinic.

I just watched your spot on Plantar Fasciitis and I want to tell you that I HAD Plantar Fasciitis a few years ago, and I stress 'HAD' because I went to LaserHealth® Solutions, and although it wasn't as inexpensive as orthotics…IT'S GONE!! I used orthotics for several years and as long as I used them in every pair of footwear I had, the pain was held at bay. I'm SO glad I had the folks at LaserHealth® Solutions actually FIX the problem, I can't tell you!! No more clunky orthotics and best of all NO MORE PAIN!! I bought a Pro Stretch after my treatments, which is a kind of roller device that you stand on, drop your heel and it stretches your plantar as well as your calf muscles, and feels good too.

I just realized that this sounds like a commercial, but it's true…I'm free of the pain and most importantly, my plantar is just fine!! Hope this helps someone else!

Randi H.