I'm a 57-year-old female who has suffered from knee pain for at least the past five years, which has become progressively worse. I've tried sports therapy and been prescribed anti-inflammatory pills by my doctor, but nothing has worked. When I heard about LaserHealth® Solutions through a business colleague who was using the procedure for an injury, I called to see if the procedure would help my knee problems.

Admittedly, at first I was somewhat skeptical, but after a consult, I decided to try the procedure and was pleased to find that after only three treatments, the swelling in my knees was down significantly and I experienced a considerable increase in my mobility. After ten sessions, I found that I was not experiencing the constant pain in my knees when climbing up and down stairs or getting out of a chair. The swelling has gone down, my mobility has increased by at least 60% and I'm sleeping better at night.

I would recommend this procedure to anyone who needs soft tissue regeneration or has suffered an injury.

Jean E.