Natasha K.
Natasha K.

"I returned to LaserHealth® Solutions after injuring my right knee doing a lunge incorrectly at the gym. My knee would lock into a bent position which would require me to forcefully and painfully extend it. The back of my knee had a continuous dull ache and I had little strength. Stairs were very difficult and when I was sitting cross-legged on the floor I could not lower my right leg.

I did not go to my doctor or to physiotherapy. I came straight to LaserHealth® Solutions!

Blaine assessed that I had tight hip flexors causing the right side of my pelvis to tilt forward. He showed me how to properly align my body and demonstrated before and after the treatment so I could see results. He loosened my muscles relieving the pain and discomfort returning me to daily tasks just fine. Blaine also recommended stretches for me to perform at home.

The ache was gone after my first treatment! I can do stairs again without pain and comfortably sit cross-legged on the floor. I would not hesitate to come to LaserHealth® Solutions for any future injuries."

Natasha K.