“I have osteoarthritis in my left knee. It was bothering me for almost five years. The doctor said that I may need a knee replacement soon. I was popping Tylenol and Ibuprophen like candy and my doctor was concerned that this was not good for my long term health. I asked her about Laser Therapy and she did not know much about it but suggested that I give it a try. After ten treatments on my right knee I am pretty much pain free. I started to feel quite good after about the third treatment I have not had a need for any pain medication in over a year. Now I am able to walk, go to my exercise classes at Curves, and even dance at my granddaughter's wedding.

I come for maintenance treatments once every four weeks; this seems to be a good frequency for me. I never feel any pain and I don't think about my knee anymore. My doctor is quite elated by my results and is eager to recommend laser treatments to other patients with arthritis.

I love the 'no pain feeling' that I have in my knee.”