I've tried a lot of things over the years for the arthritis in my knees and was told that knee replacement was my last hope. I'm glad I heard about LaserHealth® Solutions before I did that! The first time I came to the clinic was March 25. I was using 2 crutches and finding it very difficult to walk. Blaine recommended 10 treatments on each knee. Over the period of those treatments, my recovery gradually increased. By the last day, the pain was almost completely gone and I didn't need my crutches any more.
It's been over a year now and I came back for a tune-up on my right knee. The left knee is still fine. After just 7 treatments this time, my knee is better again.
I will surely recommend Laser Therapy. Especially to those with arthritis like me because I'd rather have Laser Therapy than medications or surgery.

Roy F.