I tore the ACL in my left knee while playing basketball in the summer and undergone reconstructive surgery in October 24. Having had many friends whom had gone through the same surgery and hearing about their stories with post reconstruction rehabilitation, I was not looking forward to the long road to recovery. After spending a month on crutches, a full knee immobilizer and putting myself through painful daily stretches, the swelling in my knee had finally settled down and it was now time to endure aggressive physiotherapy. My left leg was literally half the size it was before surgery, it was very stiff and I had very little range of motion. After a few weeks of physiotherapy with minimal results; my friend and former high school basketball coach told me about LaserHealth® Solutions, she had been receiving treatments for her elbow and highly recommended it as she was very happy with the results in such a short period of time. I called the next day and spoke with Blaine and decided to come in for a consultation along with my first treatment. I felt immediate relief after that treatment; my knee was noticeably less stiff which enabled me to walk with a lesser limp. I was very excited and continued for 14 more treatments along with attending physiotherapy on a regular basis. The initial surge of improvements was followed by a short period of slower progression, but by about the 1th treatment and onward, my knee began to show tremendous response; by the end of December, I started some light jogging and was able to be more aggressive with leg strengthening exercises.

After addressing the functional aspect of my knee, Blain offered to treat the thick 2 inch scar that was very dark in colour and felt as if there was a thin cord inserted underneath my skin; it was very sensitive to the touch and not very aesthetically appealing to say the least! Once again, the laser treatments were successful; my scar started to fade and began to flatten out. I was able to train hard this past summer after being sidelined for about 6 months and am currently a member of the SAIT Trojans women's basketball team. I have since followed up with several pick me up treatments, overall, my knee feels very strong and I am very impressed with the results in such a short period of time. All the staff members at LaserHealth® Solutions are extremely friendly and professional, the results I have experienced is a reflection of their knowledge and expertise and a true testament to the effectiveness of laser treatments.

A big THANK YOU to everyone at LaserHealth® Solutions for helping me get back on tack and on the court!

Duby S.