For the last 6 months my knees have been quite sore. I was on a cruise and I mentioned to my husband that they were sore, so I took some Tylenol and tried to forget about them. My doctor wanted me to have a cortisone shot, but I did not want to have one as I had heard a lot of negative things about them. I stuck with the Tylenol, and eventually stopped taking it too, as I do not like to have to take medications. My husband read about LHS and told me about it. My doctor did not know much about laser, but told me that I had nothing to loose. So I went ahead and tried it out. After the first 2 treatments for the osteoarthritis, I saw relief. Now I have completed 10 treatments and am so pleased with the results. Before the treatments I had trouble with going up stairs and now I do not have any trouble. I can go for walks and all the other things that I could not do before are getting done. I feel better all over, I just wanted a better quality of life and now I have that. I am so pleased with the results.

Margret G.