Charly S.
Charly S.

“My name is Charly, and I am 59 years old.I have been very active all of my life, in sports as well as dancing.I had some wear and tear and injuries to my left knee, so I had to slow down a lot and no longer pursue these hobbies.I was only 40 years old when I went to see a specialist who gave me some painkillers and told me that I would need a new knee joint, but was still to young to be considered for that surgery. I did not want to take painkillers and looked around for alternative treatments instead. They helped me to some extent for all these years.The last 5 years, the pain got so bad that I could not sleep at night.I still did not want to have surgery, and my son-in-law saw an ad from “LaserHealth® Solutions”.My wife said that I had nothing to lose and that she was looking forward to being able to dance with me again.So she booked a consultation for me and we booked 15 sessions - three sessions a week.After the first week I was already pain-free!!!What a great feeling that was!!After 5 weeks of treatments I was able to start dancing again, I can play tennis, workout on the bicycle and feel absolutely great!! You guys told my wife at the consultation that I will dance again - and you were right.

Sincerely, Charly S.