Since I first experienced your laser services last August for my knee pain, you would think I had shares in your company the way I promote it to anyone who is complaining of pain. It truly is amazing! I have always been athletic and active but due to reconstructive surgery and three scopes over the years, arthritis has become an issue. I lost mobility and strength but most troubling was the constant pain to the point I could barely walk some days and spent many sleepless nights rubbing down the joint.

After just 3 treatments with LaserHealth® Solutions, I could do knee bends and the chronic pain was virtually gone. At first I thought I must be having head games as the relief just seemed to be too much too soon. I continued on for about 10 treatments and within a month or so was very active again and even played hockey again this winter experiencing no difficulty. I also walked the golf course instead of carting last fall- the first time in 3 or 4 years. I have not taken anti-inflammatories since the start of treatment and used to take 2 per day- not bad this alone was $1/ month.

Everyone at LaserHealth® Solutions is very pleasant and very thorough in making sure they understand your issue and effectively assessing, treating and maintaining successful treatment.

It truly is an amazing experience. Thank you Suzanne, Blaine, Jillian and the rest of the staff.

Stan W.