“Ten years ago I fell and badly banged up my knee on a concrete side walk, I was 32 at the time.It was very sore and swollen for a long time.I had it checked out by the doctor and was advised to have arthroscopic surgery.This was five years after I had originally hurt it.After the surgery I still had pain.Any time I would move my knee it was sore.I couldn't walk without a limp, run or bend down to pick something up off the floor.My mother heard about LaserHealth® Solutions and suggested I give it a try. She was a bit skeptical, but insisted I go.I have taken 10 treatments, and the results have been remarkable.I can walk without a limp, have been bending knee my freely at work assisting seniors in their homes, and I have been able to dance for the first time in 10 years!I am so happy with my results I am crying as I write this.I can even run now.

Now that it is Stampede I think I will be off dancing with all the lonely cowboys.