I am a 76 year old female who has experienced various painful knee conditions since my late 3's. Upon consulting an orthopedic surgeon, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and severe tendinitis, which not only affected my knees but also my ankles, wrists and shoulders. At that time the doctor advised me to take cod liver oil pills which I have faithfully maintained. And in spite of trying numerous self help remedies, my knees continued to deteriorate.

In my early 5's my right knee became extremely painful and I began having cortisone injections. This treatment effectively relieved the pain, but only for a short period of time, i.e. 3-6 months on average. In 24, at the age of 67, after experiencing intense pain, a Baker's cyst behind my right knee ruptured. Treatment was another cortisone injection which was not very effective. My rheumatologist then suggested gel injections in my right knee and one in my left knee. They were helpful, but again for only a limited period of time

In 28 at the age of 71 I tore the cartilage on my left knee. In spite of a cortisone injection the knee remained extremely painful for almost one year. Finally I consulted two orthopedic surgeons. One doctor suggested total knee replacements to both knees. As surgery is not an option for me due to other health issues, I did not comply with this suggestion.

At that time my sister suggested I try LaserHealth® Therapy with LaserHealth® Solutions as she has experienced excellent results with this treatment. Therefore in 21, at the age of 73, I began treatment with LaserHealth® Solutions. This type of cold laser treatment stimulates molecular activity which in turn promotes internal healing. My treatments were scheduled for twice weekly to the cartilage tear in my left knee. Following 12 treatments, I no longer experienced pain in that knee. I continued treatments to a total of 18 and have since been involved in a low maintenance regimen of approximately 1 treatment every 2 months or so.

Just a reminder – it has often taken several years to reach the extent of damage and/or deterioration now experienced.Therefore, with Laser treatment, patience and perseverance is required in order to see positive results.Of all the various treatments I have undertaken and endure during the past 46 years of my life, I have found LaserHealth® Solutions to be the most beneficial and, I cannot emphasize it enough, the most long lasting!

Therefore, I highly encourage anyone suffering with similar arthritic conditions, inflammation and or muscular discomfort to try LaserHealth® Solutions for relief of pain in these major health challenges.

Kathleen M.
April 213