“In January of 21 with my new wife, I was able to summit Mount Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro a week apart. As a well controlled rheumatoid arthritis suffer I lead a very active home and work life.

Twelve short weeks later I sustained a fall at my home on a icy slope and severely injured my pelvis. The injury created massive inflammation which sent my arthritis symptom into orbit!

Very much open to different modalities of treatment, I was referred to LHS by a friend. Open minded, but frustrated with little to no gain in other forms of treatment I crawled through door in the spring of 21.

After months of other treatments without significant gain my response to Laser therapy coupled with the Onsen techniques was almost instant.

The dedication, professionalism of the folks at LaserHealth® is second to none. The treatment provided comfort, progress and the relief necessary to jump start my healing.

I am proud to report this team has me headed for the mountains of the world, leaving crutches, canes a distant memory.

You owe it to yourself if you are looking for a team that is dedicated to solutions, will works the issues with you and demonstrates care for patients like you are a member of family…Make the call,If you commit and do your part, they will assist your return to health, happiness and the mountains…,

My life has been forever changed for the better, my experiences with this team are so close to my heart thatadvocating their hard work seems so small compared to what they have returned to my wife and I!

If you want a solution start here, it made all the difference in my life!”

“Action Expresses Priorities”