I first heard about LaserHealth Solutions from a friend.I came in for my feet.They were really sore for almost 4 years.I was at my wits end.After about 8 visits over a span of 2 months my foot pain was gone.Two years later my right shoulder started to act up enough to motivate me to seek treatment.Now to be honest this was bothering me off and on for the past 2 years.This time it got so bad I had weakness, numbness in my arm and I had reduced mobility which kept me awake a lot at night.I felt just miserable.After 8 treatments I felt about 80% better.At the 12th treatment I could say my shoulder felt normal.

A year later I developed another foot problem but this time the pain was just my right foot on the outside of it.Again it healed nicely with the help of the staff at LHS.While I was in for my knee problem I casually asked if they could do anything for a vertigo problem I was having, they said yes and after one treatment of Cranial Sacral Therapy I wasn't dizzy bending over to wash my hair.I could now play with my grand children without the room spinning.Now I am in for my fifth problem, a hamstring issue with my 60 year old body.Once again I am seeing great improvement.

Am I happy? You bet! I am so glad I have found a place where I get good results with my hurts consistently.Now when a problem creeps up I know where to go.And I don't wait so long.