I have been a patient of LaserHealth® Solutions for 20 treatments to date, starting treatments in March 26. I incurred a serious shoulder injury in March 24 working with weights in a gym. A couple months later I tried a series of physio treatments. In the summer of 24, I then tried 12 acupuncture treatments. Prescription anti-inflammatory drugs followed this in the spring of 25, followed by 2 cortisone shots in the fall of 25. Throughout this period I had bi-weekly massage therapy.

I entered Laser treatment at about 50% functionality and after the 20th treatment I am at 90%. Some days I am close to 100%. I am now golfing again after missing the season last year due to the injury. I am continuing further treatments to ensure I reach my goal of 100%.

LaserHealth® Solutions [has] worked for me when all else failed. I would strongly recommend patients try it and persist with the treatments to achieve their improvement goals.

Harvey K.