I'm a competitive figure skater, and when I injured a metatarsal in my foot during intense summer dance training, I needed something to help it heal quite quickly. There was a lot of tenderness and swelling around my foot, and I had to take time off the ice in order for it to heal. After 2 days, there was no improvement, and regular doctors didn't have any information to help. I considered Laser Therapy after Dr. Rob mentioned it, and decided to give it a try. The swelling around my foot went down almost instantly, and I was soon able to put some pressure on the foot, something that was very painful before.

After 3 or 4 treatments the swelling disappeared, and I would walk normally with minimal pain. Without the laser, I think my foot would have taken a lot longer to heal and would have affected my whole summer training program. It was great that it helped this much, and was definitely a speedy process!

I'm glad that Dr. Rob and Dr. Y.Y. offer this treatment and I recommend it

Michelle D.