I am a 41 year old computer programmer and athlete who has had a shoulder problem for about five years. The pain was progressively getting worse with repetitive use.I had physiotherapy on my shoulder, and went to the chiropractor for it.Physio and Chiropractic treatment gave me temporary relief.Eventually the pain in my shoulder was intolerable. I would get stabbing pain in the front part of my shoulder, and severe aching in my shoulder when I used my keyboard or mouse at work. When I was playing volleyball, overhand serving and spiking became impossible.Other activities like yoga and weights were also irritating my shoulder.I saw an ad for Laser Therapy at LaserHealth® Solutions in the paper, and thought it would be worth a try.I had twelve sessions which ended in September 28.Since then, I have noticed a tremendous improvement with my shoulder pain.It rarely bothers me to key or mouse at work. Also, I started to play volleyball twice a week in November 28, and I can overhand serve and spike again with little to no pain.I do not have the power I used to have, but it is definitely coming back.I am hoping to go back to LaserHealth® Solutions in 29 for more Laser Therapy on other parts of my body. I do think the Laser Therapy provided permanent relief for my shoulder.

Thank You.