Vera C.
Vera C.

“I had tendonitis in my forearm, with pain in the inside and outside of my elbow for the past 5 years. I tried chiropractic, ART, massage and tensor straps.

Massage and ART helped a bit, but the pain kept coming back.I work as a florist so I am always using my hands and arms.After a day at work I was always in pain at night and would have trouble sleeping.

I saw your ad in Business in Calgary and thought I wanted to try this. After three treatments and started to see some great results - less pain even when I was working.After five treatments my pain was all gone and I am working without pain.In fact, harder than normal as Valentine's day is coming up.I am sleeping through the night and I am off my pain medication.It is good that I tried it.Thank you so much!”

Vera C.