In July 27, after a day at the Calgary Stampede, I developed a mild pain in my left heel. Throughout the summer this pain persisted and got steadily worse until I could no longer take my outdoor walks, and the pain was causing me to lose sleep. In November, I visited an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed my problem as Plantar Fasciitis. As I already wore orthotics, these were changed as the old ones were worn out. With new orthotics and a program of stretching exercises, I looked for improvement, but the pain only got worse. The answer was a cortisone injection which worked like a miracle… for a couple of days, but the pain, though diminished, came back and I still couldn't walk without limping.

In February 28, I paid a visit to LaserHealth® Solutions and after an examination a treatment plan of ten to twelve visits was suggested. After a couple of weeks, I began to notice a definite improvement. After six treatments I tried my first walk outdoors in five months, and it lasted twenty minutes with only mild discomfort. The next day, I walked for fifty minutes and I have walked every day since, either outdoors or in the malls. Throughout my treatment I still kept up my exercises and now after nine treatments, over four weeks, I have my life back. Many thanks to the skills of the staff at LaserHealth® Solutions.

K. V. L.