It gives me great pleasure to write a few lines after meeting you, going through the evaluation process and then getting
treatment from a professional like yourself.

As I mentioned before during our meeting, I have been a long-time patient of back pain, suffering during the most
part of every year since last 20 years.

I had a surgery from a very reputed surgeon in Calgary, continued to go to [other] therapists. I will not
deny that [they] did give me some relief from pain, but [they have] always been a temporary fix.

I heard, from different sources, about your laser treatment and honestly, I was not sure if I should try or not, but when
you are in pain, you want to try anything that might help keep you functional. I decided to get an appointment and
the first interview / evaluation time spent with you was a great and wonderful experience and I knew that whatever
happens to my pain will be a separate topic, I was lucky to have met a professional who knew what I was talking
about. Now, after going through several appointments and treatments, I feel wonderful and relaxed. Only the time
will tell how my body reacts to this in near future, but I can tell you today that I do not regret a bit contacting you
and getting treatment.

What is a Laser Treatment or Laser Therapy? If I try to explain, I will just be making up the story as I have no idea
or clue about it. I can just only say, "It worked for me!"

Thank you very much for your time and attention during my therapy.

Best regards,