I had a loss of sensation in the skin of my left lower back/glutial area due to a water accident in 1973. I was run over by a boat while swimming, and the Kiel of the outboard motor struck the left side of my lower back leaving an indent of the skin deep into the muscle below. There was no cut, just a lot of severe bruising and some internal bleeding. Over the years it healed not to badly, but I was left with a constant dull achy feeling in the muscle with a numb sensation on the surface of the skin. The point were the skin was indented into the muscle was always very tight and had a plastic feeling. When I was in for laser treatments for another soft tissue problem, I thought I would have the staff work on my backside to see what the laser would do. After 6 treatments, the achyness and numbness had disappeared, and the affected skin was a lot softer. I am glad I thought to try this out. It has been fantastic.

Thanks again LHS.

Brian S.