I am a diabetic. One day, out of the blue, I began to suffer with severe pain form the right side of my lower back down my right leg to my knee. The pain was so strong that even the weight of my clothing was too much to bear.

The doctors were puzzled and set about eliminating things like kidney stones, bowel trouble, etc. and after many months, many doctors' visits and many tests, I ended up with severe pain and a large bottle of painkillers.

The opinion was that my diabetes had caused my blood vessels to constrict and stop supplying my nerves with the blood that they needed to function and the pain was the nerves crying out. They said it could last for a year and no one knew just what the end result would be. Apparently this condition is very rare and little is known about the outcome. However, I was now using a walker and considering a wheelchair, suffering with indescribable pain.

On the recommendation of my niece, I contacted Dr. Rob and started with laser treatments. After the first four treatments, I realized the pain had lessened. After ten treatments, the pain is gone, the walker is gone and I am back to doing most of the things I was doing before all this happened.

Thank you Dr. Rob and Staff.

Jim W.