Listen to Dave Rutherford's account of the crash and his testimonial for LaserHealth® Solutions.

Calgary Herald: Radio host Rutherford helps pull man from burning truck after crash

Dave Rutherford
Dave Rutherford

"You know the other day I stopped to help a guy from a burning truck along Deerfoot. I stopped to help with some other people, and it ended up that two of us had to pull the driver out of the passenger side. He was resisting, he didn't want to go. He was frozen at the wheel. We had to pull with all we had to get him up.

You know I didn't notice anything that day but the next day my lower back was screaming. I couldn't even bend over, it was so bad. I struggled for a couple of days thinking it would get better but it didn't it got worse and so yes, I headed to LaserHealth® Solutions.

Blaine examined it, he poked and he prodded a bit and massaged it and stretched it and he found a couple of trigger points that were the key areas of problem and the trigger points led to pain in other places; and Blaine can always figure those things out. So he decided to put the light on those spots and the treatment began. You know he figured that it was probably a combination of jumping out of the car and running up this high embankment to where the truck was, coupled with the excessive force we had to use to get him out and the difficult weird angles we were at pulling the guy through the passenger side door. It was really tough. So those two things combined to yank my back. But after the massaging and the identification of the problem and then putting the laser light pads on the areas, it's great. It took a few visits but my back is fine again. I could move normally. It feels great!

Thanks Blaine, thanks a lot!”

Dave Rutherford