Vic D.
Vic D.

“I had back pain for 3 years.It got to the point where it was very difficult to move.Even normal activities like getting in and out of the vehicle and bending over to reach into the sink were painful.That burning pain of inflammation was the worst.It felt like I was on fire!It wouldn't settle down no matter what I did.My back bothered me at night too.I'd roll over in my sleep and wake up due to sharp pain.

After my first treatment at LaserHealth® Solutions, I noticed a big change – then gradual improvement from there.About half way through my 11 treatments, I took a little downturn, with pain after doing some light yard work.But they explained some up and down is normal.And after that it was all improvement again.

Now I'm doing all my regular activities.And I can work on the boat engine, kneeling and bending in all sorts of positions – no problem.My mobility is excellent now.It's great to have said good-bye to that pain.”

Vic D.