As an avid hockey player I had been suffering from aches and pains that I associated with getting older. In September I injured myself significantly enough that I had to seek chiropractic relief. After 6 weeks of chiropractic treatments and being very cautious in my movement, I tried to play hockey again. I ended up injuring myself even worse than before. I spent 9 hours in the emergency room, got x-rays of my lower back done and diagnosed as having injury to the soft tissue at the base of my spine. The doctor recommended that I take things easy for 6-8 weeks and it would get better. 4 months later I was still unable to play sports or even do menial tasks without being very sore for days afterwards. Talking with a coworker about my despondency over not getting better they mentioned LHS and how they helped her with her tennis elbow. I gave them a call and made an appointment. The results were amazing! Within 3 weeks I no longer had the stiffness of the previous 5 months, after 6 weeks I feel better than I have in over a year!! If you do not think you will ever get relief from your aches and pains, I strongly recommend LaserHealth® Solutions!