I have been a patient of LaserHealth® Solutions since December 2012 with amazing results. I have suffered with lower back pain for years as has my sister. In November 2012, my sister heard of LaserHealth® Solutions on the radio and decided to contact them regarding her back problems that she had also suffered with for years. Both of us have tried different treatments which, at the beginning of the treatment regime seemed to work well but after a while these treatments became less and less effective. My sister and I have had entirely different physical activity levels throughout our lives. My sister was very active in sports and physical activity. I on the other hand, tried many sports but was never any good at them so never pursued sports. I am also not a very strong person, so my level of physical work has also been far less than my sister. Even though we both had similar back problems, neither one of us realized that these problems could be because we have the same bone structure and some of the problems could also be hereditary. Since having the treatments both my sister and I have realized that although our situations were different, our problems were very similar and we have both been extremely pleased with the results. This is the first time in years that we have gone for weeks at a time without pain and even if we do have a twinge of pain, all it takes to relieve it is a few stretches.

LaserHealth® Solutions staff is extremely professional from the initial contact through the treatment program. The team is made up of people who genuinely care about their patients. The level of care patients receive is magnificent and when you leave the office after a treatment, you feel better physically and emotionally as these people really want to help you.

Paulette and Eileen